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Helpful Hints:

The first step towards buying your dream home begins by being able to determine the one that suits your requirements and fits your budget. With the best quality and economical rates, Terraspace offers you the perfect fit. However, it is essential to select your home depending on the following criteria:


Information you need to gather


While choosing the location, you need to keep the following parameters in mind like proximity to the main roads, bus stops, railway lines, transportation services, civic amenities like educational institutions, park, police station, temples and hospitals within reach.


Does this property fit your budget?

Place of Work

How far is your work from your preferred location?

Local Stores

Is there a supermarket close to your desired location?

Educational Institutions

What is the proximity to the nearest schools and colleges?

Public Transportation

How close is the property to the Railway Station, Bus Terminal and Airport. 

Water and Electricity

What is the source of steady water supply and power in the desired location?


How is the traffic during your commute to your work place from your desired location? 

Medical Services

How close is the nearest Medical service?

Association Expense

Is there going to be a monthly Association fee?


What is the security system in place? Security personnel, CCTV, etc. 


Is there sufficient parking in the premises for residence and guests?

Developer and Builder

Does the Developer and Builder have a good name in the market?

Type of Development

Joint Venture / Sole Owner ?


What is the funding situation of the project?

Project Status

What is the current stage of the project? 


Know what you are paying. Request for a break down of the total price including registration, fees and taxes. At Terraspace, we provide a transparent and detailed breakdown of your total price.

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